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We stock thoughtful items for everyday life. We are drawn to useful, quality goods that refresh and delight, be it by texture, design, or function. We feel that the best objects are the ones you are happy to use.
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We were so excited to have Philly’s THE BLOGGING COUPLE stop by our shop last week and snap a few photos for their site. Marisa (@organixlocs) and AJ (@ruggedlygroomed) have backgrounds in styling and launched the shared blog after discovering that they covered so many events together that people grew to simply know them as the “Philly blogging couple”.  

Pop over to their site to read up on events in the Philly area ranging from coverage on beauty and styling promotional parties to new restaurant openings and reviews.  

Thank you Blogging Couple!

Capsule NYC

The Capsule Mens trade show was this past week and so we made our customary trip up the coast to lay our hands on a few brands we’ve had our eyes on. Although the show is primarily apparel and accessories, this season’s offerings included a few choice stationery and home goods lines, which was cool for us to see, as a shop that focuses on home/office/lifestyle gear. We left with impressions of new daily wear socks, baggage, jewelry, and skincare on the brain. Keep posted to see what makes it into the shop in the coming weeks. =)

the stickers on the laptop are awesome! do you know where I can purchase some of them?


Ahhh most of the stickers are from a Japanese sticker company called B-Side Label, which unfortunately we have no idea where you can buy them outside of Japan. The others come from yard sales (the 90s cat), dollar stores (the Betty Boop on the motorcycle), and by cartoonist miaschwartz (the ecto-cooler colored iced coffee cup of ghosts wearing sunglasses). 

We do carry an ever-changing selection of stickers in the shop, if you’re ever in Philly, but if you’re not, we advise to just keep your eyes peeled, scour artist websites and comic/indie publishing events, and even tattooists will have cool stickers. Sticker collecting never die! 

Back 2 School Sneak Peek

Back in Stock

Our best-selling westthirdbrand fragrances are back in stock. Aromatic spices, rich woods, fig, dark sandalwood, ginger, lavender, and golden tobacco leaves are featured in this sexy, unisex line. 

at Omoi Zakka Shop

New Arrivals

Love Me Notebook at Omoi Zakka Shop

New in Stock

Ooh La La’s amazingly good/weird illustration notebooks at Omoi Zakka Shop.

Back in stock + new

Komono sunglasses at the Shop

New reading material…

Popeye at Omoi Zakka Shop

New reading material…

TUNE at Omoi Zakka Shop

New reading material…

Free & Easy at Omoi Zakka Shop

New reading material…

CASA Brutus at Omoi Zakka Shop

View from the shop

New in! Aeriums from local artist @stitchprism. Full of dried plant life and a living air plant, which only needs a minute of water soaking once a week. Aeriums come with care guides and cord to hang. We think these will be lovely wedding & new home gifts.

Dux Outer Ring Brass Pencil Sharpener at Omoi Zakka Shop

New in the shop

From its appearance to its writing feel, Penco’s Passer’s Mate is a fun, slightly over proportioned mechanical pencil with the nostalgia of a child’s coloring pencil yet a simple chic design. Remove the bright red eraser top to insert refills of 0.5mm pencil lead, and never have to worry about writing with a dull point point again. 

Penco is a stationery brand that was inspired by a classic “Made in USA” ballpoint pen. With its signature “classic”, “analog” and “old-school paper” designs and practicality, the brand is loved by people from around the world.

at Omoi Zakka Shop

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