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We stock thoughtful items for everyday life. We are drawn to useful, quality goods that refresh and delight, be it by texture, design, or function. We feel that the best objects are the ones you are happy to use.
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When reading one of my favorite fashion glossies, I couldn’t help fall in love with Holly Sommers, and the inspiration for her collection, which naturally made me think of the store…

"The Collection was originally inspired by Japanese Origami: how a material can be manipulated in its two dimensional form to create a three dimensional object. The Collection is made up of statement catwalk pieces. The juxtaposition of woven fabrics with stretch fabrics and the intrinsic properties of these opposing materials became integral to the design and success of the garments. Fabric manipulation extended beyond simple folding, pleating and layering. Much of the silk was transformed through Interfusing before the patterns were even cut altering the nature of the fabric to suit the needs of each garment. The colour palette enhances the elegance of the silhouettes with rich, earthy, tonal colours." -

Come check out our selection of Origami in sweet stripes or soft blue hues…



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